Following the COVID19 best practices guidelines, all the meetings cited below are now offered on ZOOM.  Contact the church office to participate or obtain more information.

Adult Learning and Service:

Bible Studies:  First Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Gary T. Ludwig, frequently sponsors independent adult small group Bible studies such as 1 Corinthians or the Gospels.  These opportunities usually meet in the evenings at convenient hours and are a wonderful way to interactively learn and also get to know the FBC church family.

Tuesday Morning Prayer Group and Bible Studies:  This opportunity begins at 11:00 am on every Tuesday morning.  This gathering focuses on studying the Bible as guided by the Lectionary.  Then the long-standing ministry of prayer support continues in the second part of the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.

Men's Fellowship:  A Men's Fellowship and Bible Study are held at 7:00 pm on all second and fourth Tuesday evenings of the month.  This popular event is led by Pastor Geoffrey Dana Hicks.

Small Group Studies:  Interactive groups can assemble for special issues, such as bereavement classes.

Network:  Periodically the FBC introduces a "personal gifts discernment" course which has enjoyed tremendous success.  The goal of Network is to help each one of us to identify our spiritual gifts and personal abilities, and how to best use those gifts in Christian servanthood.

We Are Baptists:  Periodically this seven session course is taught to reinforce the basics of American Baptist beliefs.  Our intergenerational group welcomes participants, members or non, young or old, who wish to renew their knowledge of what it means to be an American Baptist, or to explore the paths leading to Baptism and Membership.

Faith Matters:  These discussions are casual weekly gatherings to share our faith journeys.  They are held on an independent schedule.

All small group ministries are flexible, considering members' calendars and time requests.  Therefore, there can be fluctuation on when meetings are held.